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15 février 2006 3 15 /02 /février /2006 21:52


Here is a (very) simple HTML browser.

This JavaBean component allows to browse some simple HTML pages inside the Oracle Forms frame.
It may be a good way to browse into local documents, like documentation html pages.

You can click on the hyperlinks to navigate through the content.

The Java code

Get the source code here

Forms configuration

     . Copy the htmlbrowser.jar file in the /forms/java directory
        This .jar file must be signed
     . Edit the /forms/server/formsweb.cfg file to add the jar file to the archive_jini variable


Implementation Class property


The properties you can set

The url to display

Set_Custom_Property( 'BLOCK.BEAN_AREA', 1, 'SETURL', 'new_url' ) ;

The HTML content to display

Set_Custom_Property( 'BLOCK.BEAN_AREA', 1, 'SETCONTENT', 'html_content' ) ;

Where html_content must be valid HTML source like : '<html><body><b>Hello there</b></body></html>'

The sample dialog

     . Download the htmlbrowser.zip file
     . Unzip the file
     . Edit your /forms/server/formsweb.cfg file
     . Open the HTML_BROWSER.fmb module (Oracle Forms 9.0.2)
     . Compile all and run the module

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Francois 27/02/2006 12:18

The javascript code does not react.

Francois 27/02/2006 10:51

Steeve,As it is noticed in the purpose, this is a very simple HTML page browser. I do not think it could handle special features like javascript for example. I will have a try and tell you.Francois

Steeve Bisson 26/02/2006 05:22

We have a technical support site where our client enter a service request.  Like a tar when they encounter a bug with our software.I would like to use this "HTML browser" feature to display our support web page, but would like to fill a couple of fields automaticaly.Example:in wich screen the error happen?______What is the error message?_______Is there a way to manipulate the web page inside the browser?

François 21/02/2006 20:17

I do not have a 6i version, but I think that it could work.Let's try !Francois

Steeve Bisson 21/02/2006 14:49

Is it possible to used this java beans in forms 6i?