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11 décembre 2010 6 11 /12 /décembre /2010 14:40


Here is a Simple Horizontal Scrolling Marquee Java Bean proposed by Omama Khurshid from Taxila Pakistan.

She is working as Software Engineer at Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited Islamabad Pakistan from 3 years and working on PJC from at least 1.5 years for developing different functionality in Oracle forms 10g.
Email address: omamadr@yahoo.com

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The Java source


The implementation class of the PJC


The methods you can call

  • Set the text

Set_Custom_Property ('Blk.Bean',1,'SET_MARQUEE','text#xpos#ypos#textwidth#textheight#fontface#fontsize#fontstyle#fgcolor#bgcolor') ;

Text = 'Some Text '
xpos = 700
fontface = 'Serif'
fontsize =16
fontstyle= [I|B|P|BI]
foregroundcolor =r255b0g0
BackgroundColor =r0g0b0
Set_Custom_Property ('Blk.Bean',1,'SET_MARQUEE','Hi I m here #700#25#100#25#Arial#16#I#r255b0g0#r0g0b0') ;


  • Stop the marquee

Set_Custom_Property ('Blk.Bean',1,'STOP_MARQUEE','') ;

The sample dialog

Download the marqueePJC.zip file
     .  Unzip the marqueePJC.zip file
     .  Copy the banner.jar file in your /forms/java/ folder
     .  Add it to the archive and archive_jini tags of the /forms/server/formsweb.cfg file
     . Open the banner.fmb module (Oracle Forms 10.1.2)
     . Compile all and run the module

     The jar file must be signed
     The jar file provided with the .zip file is already signed

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