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29 janvier 2009 4 29 /01 /janvier /2009 09:16

To mark the third anniversary of the forms-pjc-bean site, I am pleased to launch a Forms Java Bean contest.

To take part, all you need to do is to show a developed Forms application that contains an interesting, innovative, or just plain "cool" use of a Java Bean or PJC.

You do not need to have created the Java Bean, but if you are not the creator, you have to use it in an original, innovative and exciting way.

The winner will be chosen by two principal product managers from the Oracle Forms team: Grant Ronald and Jan Carlin.

It is just for fun, so there is no prize, except your entry getting pride of place on OTN and the eternal admiration of your peers! ;o)

Send your entries in a zip file containing a screenshot or a flash video(*) and/or everything needed to install and run the application to the following address: forms.pjc.bean@free.fr  by the end of February.

  19 contributions sent 

Lionel Lasserre: Planning Bean
eter Valencic: Scanner Bean - Scanner Bean 2 - Scanner Bean 3 and a game!
Grant Ronald: Google Maps Bean
Vijaynath Nair: Autocad Integration Bean
Mark Striekwold: JFreeChart Integration and Chat Bean and PDF Viewer Bean
Andreas Weiden: Shuttle Bean and TreeTable-component Bean
Francois Degrelle: Carousel Bean and Wall-Brick Bean
Hafed Benteftifa: FRITE (Forms Rich Text HTML Editor)
Stephane Vinette Image handler Java Bean
Tobias Björnsson Forms wrapper for Oracle Data Visualization Components and Interacting with Forms from other systems
Md. Mehbub Islam Scanner Bean part 1 and Scanner Bean part 2
Oleg Tishchenko Generic Chart Builder

And the winner is Md. Mehbub Islam with his Scanner Bean

(*)Here is a link to a free online screen recorder : http://www.screentoaster.com/
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1 février 2006 3 01 /02 /février /2006 14:51
You have written some PJC/Bean of your own and would like to share it.

Write a document that contains the followings points:

  • . Some information about yourself
  • . A title that identify the component
  • . A purpose that describes in a few sentences the functionalities
  • . Eventually a screen shot of the result
  • . The java code of the component
  • . The Oracle Forms Implementation Class name
  • . The list of the properties that you can set
  • . The list of the properties that you can read
  • . The list of the events that can be raised by the bean
  • . Indication if the jar file have to be signed
  • . Eventually, a link to any material to download (.jar file, Forms modules, ...)

Send the doc to the following mail adress: forms.pjc.bean@free.fr
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Published by Oracle Forms community - dans General
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