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  • A "Breadcrumb" type menu

    07 mai 2013 ( #Bean - general )

    Purpose Here is a Java Bean with a "breadcrumb" menu type behaviour . The Java source BreadCrumb.java The implementation class of the Java Bean oracle.forms.fd.BreadCrumb The methods you can call Set the background color Set_Custom_Property( 'CTRL.BREADCRUMB',...

  • LAF 1.7.7 new Forms module to have fun

    16 décembre 2014 ( #Bean - general )

    Hello there, It's been a long time. This is an amazing new .FMB Forms module, kind of "Tetris" like game. It needs the last 1.7.7 version of the LAF to run. The game is a little bit buggy, but the aim, there, is only to demonstrate what you can do with...

  • A Full Web Browser Java Bean 2nd edition

    30 décembre 2008 ( #Bean - general )

    Purpose Here is a Java Bean from Mark Striekwold to have an enhanced Web Browser (2nd edition). It is a full Web browser that can handle Javascript. This bean is based on the idea of the Full Web Browser Java Bean and rewritten so it makes use of the...

  • A Javabean to handle Google Maps

    09 mars 2015 ( #Bean - general )

    Purpose Here is a Java bean that allows to have an enhanced Web Browser able to display and handle Google maps. It is a full Web browser that can handle Javascript. The enhanced Web browser JAR comes from the JDIC sourceforge project. The implementation...

  • How to submit a PJC/Bean article ?

    01 février 2006 ( #General )

    You have written some PJC/Bean of your own and would like to share it. Write a document that contains the followings points: . Some information about yourself . A title that identify the component . A purpose that describes in a few sentences the functionalities...

  • A PopList PJC with same C/S behaviour

    13 mai 2008 ( #PJC - Text items )

    Purpose This PJC is a workaround to the issue defined in the bug 3867157 on Metalink. It allows having the same behaviour on the Web that the one it has on the C/S version. The When-List-Changed trigger would fire only when the mouse is clicked or when...

  • java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: oracle.forms.handler.IHandler.getApplet()Ljava/applet/Applet

    03 avril 2011 ( #Bean - general )

    When you migrate to the latest Forms version ( or 11) and try using a JavaBean created with an older Forms version, you can get the following error, at runtime, in the Java Console: Exception in thread "thread applet-oracle.forms.engine.Main-1"...

  • Images : keep the initial quality - phase IV

    21 mars 2012 ( #Bean - general )

    This is another version of the Handle Image Java Bean. Is is based on the 3rd Bean version, with the following new features: 1. SETTOOLTIP() method to attach a tooltip to the Image Item 2. New Drag and Drop feature that allows the end user to drop an...

  • Forms Resizer tool for free

    30 décembre 2013 ( #Bean - general )

    Merry Christmas to everybody :) This year, my present will be the Forms Resizer tool free for you! You can use, play, modify and deploy it as you need and as you want. There is no license at all attached to it. But, I won't continue to update, maintain...

  • New LAF minor correction version

    21 décembre 2014 ( #Bean - general )

    I have just upload the version of the LAF that corrects the following: - Error when using the CLEAR_LINES CLEAR_RECTS CLEAR_SHAPES CLEAR_ELLIPSES CLEAR_TEXTS methods of the DrawLAF Javabean. - The Shapes added with the ADD_TEXTUREPAINT method...

  • A javabean to display Google static maps

    02 janvier 2009 ( #Bean - general )

    Purpose Here is a Java bean from Hafed Benteftifa (Québec - Canada) that allows the Forms module to display static Google maps with HTTP geocoding service. Get the zip file here, that contains the documentation and all the necessary material, or go to...

  • Forms Rich Text Editor Java Bean

    26 février 2009 ( #Bean - Text items )

    Hafed Benteftifa has just released his FRITE - Forms Rich Text Editor - alowing the Oracle Forms application to edit HTML content. This is just the kind of Java Bean, developers and end-users were waiting for years ! Don't waste any more time, run and...

  • A PDF Viewer Java Bean

    26 février 2009 ( #Bean - general )

    Mark Striekwold has just released a new Java Bean allowing the developer to show a PDF document inside the Forms application. Get it from here

  • A Spell Checker Java Bean

    29 octobre 2009 ( #Bean - general )

    Jesus Vallejo has created a Java Bean to add a Spell Checker in your Forms applications. Get it from his site.

  • Image Capture, Storage, Retrieval, Manipulation and Management

    06 décembre 2009 ( #Bean - general )

    Click the image to discover

  • PJC to highlight a Forms textfield background color on moving mouse in and out

    20 mars 2006 ( #PJC - Text items )

    Here is a Frank Nimphius example to demonstrate how easy it is to write a PJC.

  • A "Flashing Status Bar" Java Bean

    21 septembre 2010 ( #Bean - general )

    Here is a Java Bean to attrack the attention of the end-user when a message is displayed in the status bar. It "flashes" the status bar using different colors, depending on the message severity. Get This Java Bean created by Andreas Weiden .

  • Publié depuis Overblog

    30 mars 2015

    Here is the link to another place that stores the PJCs/Beans article without adds. http://forms.pjc.bean.blog.free.fr/ Francois

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